I'm Too Far Along to Hire a Doula...Or Am I?



I'm Too Far Along to Hire a Doula...Or Am I? Authored by Sara Skiles

“I'm already in my third trimester, so I don't think there's enough time to go through the process of hiring a doula.”

“Is it too late to hire a doula? I'm a couple days away from my due date, so a doula probably won't work with me on such short notice.”

“I think I'm in early labor and I'm starting to wish I had a doula after all – but it's definitely too late to hire one now”.

We've heard these scenarios a few times, and we are happy to tell you that at

Wichita Doula

we are able and delighted to serve you even when it's getting late in the game. We are honored to help enhance your pregnancy, birth, and postpartum journey –

whether those two pink lines have just shown up, or you're headed to the hospital right now.

Planning and scheduling can certainly be easier to take care of when done ahead of time, but we recognize that a doula can still be a valuable asset to a new family even on short notice and will always do our best to try to accommodate these requests.

So yes, as long as you are still pregnant, you may have one of the five professionally trained doulas of

Wichita Doula

on your birth team! (And if you're not, you can have one of our amazing

postpartum doulas

to help you by day or by night. ;) )

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