The Wichita Baby Gala

Stay tuned for the ultimate prestigious event of the year for expectant and parenting families...



Wichita Doula welcomes you to a delightful upscale evening for expectant, parenting,
and planning-for-baby moms and couples - proudly brought to you by Ascension Via Christi and Family First Chiropractic

Don your maternity LBD and join us for the third annual Wichita Baby Gala as we celebrate you and your baby in style! Meet the doulas, shop the very best pregnancy and parenting booths this city has to offer, win fabulous prizes, support moms in the community with our silent auction and diaper drive, sip mocktails, and eat the best cake of your life.

Stay tuned as we continue to release intel on our vendors, prizes, and educational presentations...



Thursday, September 5, 2019 - 5:30-8:00 PM

Located at the beautiful Distillery 244 in Old Town, the Wichita Baby Gala will be an event to remember. Our honored co-sponsors are ASCENSION VIA CHRISTI and FAMILY FIRST CHIROPRACTIC!

ADMISSION OPTION 1: Purchase your ticket and you'll get FIVE giveaway entries plus a loaded swag bag (our swag bags are legen...wait for it...dary!)

ADMISSION OPTION 2: Free with your donation of a pack of diapers. You get one giveaway entry. (No swag bag)

Strollers and babywearing are quite welcome. Partners/spouses/grandparents are welcomed and encouraged to attend!

Dress: Black tie. All are welcome, but according to the Gala theme we will be in semi-formal/formal! If you are in the third trimester or nursing, feel free to dress comfortably, or in your uniform if you are a vendor.

The Distillery 244 is located at 244 N. Mosley - an Old Town treasure! There is parking next to the venue, as well as in the parking garage across the street from the entrance.

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Get your chance to win over $1000 in fabulous pregnancy and baby prizes at the Wichita Baby Gala! Here's how you can win:

Option 1: Purchase a VIP ticket (swag bag, five giveaway tickets) and place your tickets in for the giveaway items! Receive an additional ticket for each pack of diapers you donate.

Option 2: Bring a pack of diapers for FREE admission and one giveaway ticket to enter for the prize of your choice!

OWLET Smart Sock Monitor (sponsored by Wichita Baby Co) | EZPZ Mat | KIINDE TWIST Box Set | SOLLY BABY Wrap | MILKBARN Keepsake Set | UNBUCKLE ME | HAAKAA Silicone Breast Pump | UBBI World Diaper Pail | MY BREST FRIEND | BEANKO Diaper Changing Station | VORNADO Nursery Air Circulator | NANOBEBE Newborn Set | THREE LITTLE ANCHORS College Swaddles | 8 SHEEP ORGANICS | COBOO Breast Pump Spray | BABY SHUSHER | COMOTOMO and MORE!





The Wichita Baby Gala is focused on having a fantastic time while also giving back to the community. We will be raising diapers and funds for low-income families as well as spouses of deployed soldiers to be able to access the many benefits of labor, postpartum, and lactation care. You will be able to make donations and bid on awesome items in our silent auction throughout the event, and the auction will conclude at 7:45 PM.

Cash and credit cards will be accepted at the event.

Items include:

A night of sleep with The Wichita Baby Company | Black Label Candle Co | UBBI World Diaper Pail | Milkbarn Newborn Keepsake Set | Arbonne | Riverside Music Together | Cabea Babybellyband | My Gym | Carry Wichita | Unicorn Lane Creative Maternity & Newborn Photo Shoots | Perfectly Blended Bakery | Wichita Art Museum | Exploration Place




If you're one of the 100 ticket holders, you'll receive a loaded swag bag stuffed with hot mom and baby products, samples, info, and valuable coupons to help you have an amazing parenting journey!

We can't wait to share all the awesome swag that's flowing in!

KIINDE TWIST Gift Set | THINKBABY Bath Care | THREE LOLLIES | RAISING CONFIDENT PARENTS Book | RAW REV Protein Bars | EVLAS KITCHEN Reusable Baby Food Pouches | NANOBEBE Breastmilk Storage | Sunshine Family Yoga | My Gym | Profile by Sanford | Pariday | MOTHERLOVE Diaper Balm | DR BROWNS Bottles MUCH MORE!




After you've shopped and snacked, have a seat and listen to our educational presentations by local experts!

Carseat Safety 101: with Elisabeth Goebel, RN, CPST
Is your baby safe when you’re driving down the highway? Learn about common car seat myths and how to ensure that your infant is correctly buckled into the proper car seat.

What is a Tongue Tie and Could My Baby Have One? with Wichita Pediatric Dentistry
Tongue ties are a silent culprit behind many infant issues such as breastfeeding struggles, insufficient weight gain, fussiness, and more. Learn the symptoms and what to do about them!

How to Have a Personalized Maternity Care Experience: with Dr. Brandon Alleman MD.
Your pregnancy is unique, and your prenatal and delivery care should be as well. Learn how to choose the perfect care provider for you, how to create a birth plan, and more.




Visit some of our featured vendors, who will be showcasing the best services for families that Wichita has to offer!

Ascension/Via Christi Health: The NewLife Center at St. Joseph provides obstetrical care, NICU care, classes, and lactation care. Our honored co-sponsor of the Wichita Baby Gala!

Family First Chiropractic: Dr. Rachel Viner is your Andover prenatal and pediatric chiropractor and an honored co-sponsor of the Gala!

Sarah Jane Silvers Photography: Official Gala Photographer and high-fashion maternity, baby, and family life portraiture.

The Wichita Baby Company. Have your baby and your sleep too! Daytime postpartum family care and overnight newborn care helps you feel like you have it all together, even though you just had a baby.

Abigail Turner: Representative with Futurity First Insurance Group, providing education and painless life insurance for you and your kids.

Antioch Med: Direct primary care doctors caring for your whole family from kids, to birth, to elderly - without the high price tag.

Wichita Pediatric Dentistry: Dr. Michael Iseman provides dental care for babies and children, including tongue tie lasering.

Tori Marie Newborns: Professional Wichita newborn photographer helping to preserve those sweet cheeks forever.

Asha Porter, Realtor: Helping your new family find your dream home in the Wichita area.

New Beginnings Chiropractic: Dr. Ashley Thompson, your West Wichita prenatal and pediatric chiropractor.

Born Midwifery: Meridian Faul and Kyle Parish, Certified Professional Midwives, provide skilled prenatal care and home birth services.

Riverside Music Together: Sing, clap, and dance with your little ones, and learn to be a musical family in these interactive and educational classes.

The Bug Ninja: Keep your exploring babies and toddlers safe from creepy crawlies with effective and professional pest control.

Arbonne with Jamelah: Tasty vegan supplements, botanical skincare, and many other wellness products for your healthy lifestyle.

Carry Wichita: Learn about safe and confident babywearing, and membership to carrier rental! Stroller valet available at the Gala.

Usborne Books with Jenna: Your book lady for the most fun, educational, and popular books for babies and kids.

ICT Baby Bump Studio: Baby bump artistry appointments, paint-a-mama parties, and baby shower venue rental

Perfectly Blended Bakery: This year’s official Gala bakery providing delicious cookies, breads, and more

Magical Vacation Planner: Learn how to plan the perfect “babymoon” vacation for your last just-the-two-of-you trip

Bespoke Salon: Luxury hair services to help you feel your most beautiful during and after pregnancy