We're so glad you're here. So you're interested in hiring a doula to support you during birth or postpartum, and you're wondering how to get the ball rolling...

Why Hello There

At Wichita Doula, we use the team approach to give you the most awesome support and peace of mind. You will enjoy having a two-doula team for twice the knowledge and experience during your pregnancy. Your team functions on a rotating on-call schedule, ensuring that your primary and backup doula both have a wonderful and supportive relationship with you and your partner!

Depending on your selected package, we may meet with you 2-3 times during your pregnancy.

Meet Us

Call the Wichita Doula office at 316-302-4484 to speak to Sara, who will spend a little time getting to know you and your unique needs so she can match you up with the perfect doula dream team. You can also use the contact form to set up a phone call at your convenience. Not a phone person? Go ahead and use our online meeting scheduler where you'll choose your desired date and time for a 45-minute initial consultation. We will email you our online welcome packet right away, giving you a little something to read while looking forward to your appointment!

Let's Do It!

Once you've booked your doulas, they'll schedule your prenatal meetings and really get to know you, your partner, and how they can be the absolute best doulas for you during your birthing and parenting journey. They'll be able to answer questions, prepare you for the experience, and help you determine when to go to the hospital in labor. When the big day comes and you're ready for the support of your doula, she'll be excited and waiting to come to your side!

What's a doula? Do you serve my area? I have questions! Read our FAQ page.

Wichita Doula was caring, professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. We were provided excellent information that allowed us to feel prepared and confident. Sara was fantastic at supporting my husband as well. I absolutely needed both of them. The professionalism of Wichita Doula even impressed the nursing staff who worked well with Sara as part of my team. The confidence this gave my husband and I in our decisions was priceless. A healthy baby and mom was priority number one, but priority number two was to have a birth experience with no regrets; Wichita Doula was instrumental in allowing me to meet both goals.
— Lindsey V.