"The wonderful ladies at Wichita Doula recently helped us care for our baby during some overnight shifts, in order to allow us some much needed sleep. Each of these women is warm, friendly and nurturing, not to mention highly skilled in all things baby - I highly recommend their care!"

- Emily S., 2017


"Wichita Doula was caring, professional and knowledgeable throughout the whole process. We were provided excellent information and resources that exceeded our expectations and allowed us to feel prepared and confident. I never felt judged in any way when considering different options and asking questions. My labor ended up being 27 hrs and we were supported by Wichita Doula the entire time (yes, Sara was fantastic at supporting my husband as well. I absolutely needed both of them). The professionalism of Wichita Doula even impressed the nursing staff who worked well with Sara as part of my team. The confidence this gave my husband and I in our decisions was priceless. We were never "told" what to do, or given medical advice against what a nurse or doctor advised, just given information about options we wouldn't have thought of on our own. A healthy baby and mom was priority number one, but priority number two was to have a birth experience with no regrets; Wichita Doula was instrumental in allowing me to meet both goals. A couple days after leaving the hospital, Sara arrived at our house like an angel; cleaned the kitchen, offered breastfeeding encouragement and information, and made sure to tell me how awesome I was through labor and delivery and how beautiful my baby was. This postpartum visit was the best thing I never knew I needed. I would strongly recommend Wichita Doula and plan to use their services myself for any future children."

- Lindsey V., 2017


"For the birth of my second son, I desired to have a medication-free VBAC. My husband and I hired Wichita Doula to help me achieve this goal. During labor, our doula, Janell, gave me the motivation I needed to endure the labor pains using proficient doula techniques, coaching, advice, encouraging words, and an uplifting spirit. She never wavered in helping me feel confident in my ability to continue, and she remained energized and helpful as I labored through the night. She also guided my husband in assisting me though the process, showing him comforting techniques to relax me. In addition, she provided backup and assistance to me when my husband needed a break. She worked fluidly with Wesley Medical Center staff, and quickly formed a team with the nurse and my husband to support and comfort me during labor. Janell is passionate about the birth experience and it is evident in her demeanor. My husband and I were incredibly grateful to have Janell with us during this special time. We highly recommend Janell and Wichita Doula."
- Christa C., 2016

"Sara was an absolute delight to work with.  My husband and I hired Sara to be our birth/postpartum doula for the birth of our first child in the fall of 2015.  She was extremely professional and incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of her job.  I had my heart set on using Hypnobabies to achieve as natural a birth as possible in our local hospital, and Sara studied Hypno resources on her own to become more familiar with my dream birth!  What dedication!
When it came to our birth itself, things did not go according to my perfect plan at all, and Sara helped me process and understand what was happening both in the moment itself and afterwards at our postpartum visit.  Her words of wisdom truly helped me find acceptance in my birth experience.
Also, we decided to have Sara perform placenta encapsulation, and this process was smooth and easy.  Currently I'm a few weeks into taking my placenta capsules, and though I have no prior births to compare this one to, I like to think that replenishing my body with some of the lost nutrients and hormones is helping my recovery immensely.  
Sara is such a valuable resource, and we recommend her for any type of birth you're planning!"
- Amy P., 2015

"Sara was very professional, organized, sanitary and had lots of knowledge to share with me.  She encapsulated my placenta which certainly helped my milk production compared to my first.  She provided postpartum care going above and beyond my expectations.  She's a great resource for all things women, families, and birth.  I'd absolutely use her again."

- Tiffany S., 2015

My wife and I were referred to Sara via an acquaintance of ours...She was genuinely concerned for our well being and was excellent at listening and providing feedback to our questions. What we particularly liked about Sara was the way she went about her job - she was not intrusive or pushy and directorial in her approach - she viewed herself as the resource and educator and left it up to us to make the decisions after we were provided with all the relevant information. Sara honored all of her commitments, responded promptly and timely on the night of the delivery, and was essential in supporting us through the pregnancy, labor and delivery.
We strongly recommend Sara - she'll be a great resource and support to you.
- Iordan A., 2014

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