Top 3 Symptoms of Colic - With Special Guest Dr. Dennis Scharenberg



How to Tell if My Baby Has Colic –  Authored by Sara Skiles with Dr. Dennis Scharenberg

Parenting is definitely a full and challenging time all on its own, but throwing colic into the mix can really make you feel like you got more than you bargained for. Colic, which can cause babies to be fussy for days at a time and even cry uncontrollably, is stressful for both the babies and the parents.

But the good news is, there's someone who can help.

Our special guest on the blog today is

Dr. Dennis Scharenberg, a local Wichita chiropractor

whose special techniques have been proven time and time again to help babies with colic.

Dr. Scharenberg is here to tell us the top symptoms of colic in infants to watch for – and how to tell if it's time to bring the baby in for treatment.

1. Grunting

Grunting is one of the most common signs of colic in babies. It can signify colic even if the baby is not crying. This is an early symptom of colic and one that can quickly become obvious to a watchful parent.

2. Crying

Crying is the most obvious colic symptom that alerts most parents that something may be amiss. The baby may be fussy for long periods of time, be unable to stay latched onto the breast, and cry after eating or when laid down on his or her back. A cry of pain in an infant will vary in volume and pitch, so listen to the cries to help differentiate them from hunger cues.

3. Needy

A baby with colic will find it very difficult to lie flat on his or her back and may scream continually if lying down.

The baby may not be able to calm down or go to sleep without being held, carried or rocked upright.

The baby may constantly want to root and suck, but will not accept a pacifier or stay latched onto the breast or bottle. Also, the baby may try to “crawl up” the parent or caregiver's shoulder while being held.

What Do I Do If My Baby Has Colic?

Does this sound like your baby? If so, it may be time to look into colic treatment with Dr. Scharenberg. Be sure to check out the

full list of possible colic symptoms

on his website. Colic symptoms can arise any time from birth to six weeks of age, and if you are not sure your baby has colic, you can schedule a no-cost consultation with Dr. Scharenberg to determine if the baby can benefit from gentle treatment that does not involve any spinal manipulation.

About Dr. Scharenberg

I began practice in January 1973 (43 years ago!). I practiced for over 35 years in Hillsboro, KS and moved to Wichita eight years ago. I have specialized in colicky babies, researching and doing clinical trials until I have successfully learned the cause and the cure for colic. I have families drive and fly in to treat their babies from all over the United States and Canada,.

My success rate with colicky babies is 100%.

You can schedule your consultation by calling the Scharenberg Chiropractic office, located in east Wichita, at 316-945-0075. Visit their website for tons of helpful info on colic and other issues, and be sure to

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Photo courtesy of Scharenberg Chiro FB page

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