I'm Having a C-section - Why Would I Want a Doula?

So you're planning to give birth via Cesarean. What do you need a doula for, right?



Lots of people are still under the impression that doulas are just hippies who only attend home births and

judge you if you get an epidural.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Truly professional doulas are trained to support mothers in every type of birth situation and their only agenda is to help you have the birth that is right for YOU.

This includes home water births, Cesarean births in the hospital, and everything in between. Whatever the circumstances of your upcoming Cesarean, it's normal to desire the soothing, experienced presence of a trained support person to come with you and your partner on the journey and help keep you both calm, relaxed, and focused on what it's all about: meeting your beautiful baby.

How can a doula enhance your Cesarean birth experience?

Your doula can:

  • Meet with you to get to know you and discuss your wishes for your birth
  • Help you create a family-centered Cesarean birth plan for a personalized experience
  • Attend your birth if allowed, helping you feel relaxed, pampered and knowing what to expect
  • Be with you for emotional and physical support before and after the birth
  • Help you navigate breastfeeding in recovery
  • Attend to you at home as you recover

Doula support can make you feel pampered, supported, heard and cared for before, during and after your Cesarean birth – just like at any other type of birth.

Wichita Doula supports BIRTH and FAMILIES – no strings attached.

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