9 Things You Must Have at Your Ultimate Breastfeeding Station


Let's have some real talk here:

If you're planning to nurse or pump – or both – when your baby arrives, you're going to be spending a LOT of time sitting in one place.

It's such a bummer to sit down for a lengthy nursing or pumping session and get yourself and baby all situated,  only to find that you left your supplies in another room, or you're sitting somewhere that really isn't that comfortable.


Here are our top 9 must-haves for setting up the ultimate breastfeeding station that you just can't wait to use!

  1. The perfect location

Choose a spot in your home where you can feel the most relaxed and comfy. Is there a room you always try to keep tidy and peaceful? Maybe this means your bedroom, or the baby's room, or somewhere else you can enjoy the most privacy and quiet and set up an attractive, comfortable nook. You should have some sort of small table or shelf where you can set up a basket of items, near a power cord for your pump and some soft lighting that will allow you to see what you're doing without disturbing the baby's sleep.


  2.  Support pillows

Pillows are wonderful!  

There are some great options for pillows that support the baby's position so you don't get cramped, including the Boppy and the My Brest Friend. However, if you yourself need extra support or you're having latch issues, your lactation consultant may have you use pillows to get your back, arms and legs positioned comfortably. Since a newborn breastfeeding session can sometimes take up to 30-60 minutes, every couple of hours, don't settle for a position that is only halfway comfortable. Be sure that your back, neck, and arms are well-supported before beginning the feeding, to avoid aches and pains later.

3.  A good read

This will be a great time to catch up on your reading. Something fun to pass the time, or something informative – we recommend "Breastfeeding Made Simple"!


4.  Breast pump & accessories

Have your pump, power cord, bottle stand, and clean bottles with lids at the ready for your next pumping session.

5.  Burp cloths

A stack of your favorite burp cloths (I love those old-fashioned white prefolds!) to catch those drips. If you are a heavy leaker, you may also want to consider purchasing a product such as Milkies, which collects the milk from one breast while the baby nurses from the other, to avoid wastage.

6.  Breast pads

Clean washable or disposable pads to change into after you're finished.

7.  Nipple cream

If your nipples are getting chafed, especially in the early days, this is the perfect time and place to apply your favorite soothing balm. We recommend something that is all-natural and fragrance-free, as your natural scent is one of the biological built-in homing devices that helps your baby know how and where to latch onto the breast.

8.  Snacks and drinks

Hydration and nutrition are so important while breastfeeding, so don't forget your water bottle and munchies.

Choose easy-to-eat-one-handed healthy snacks such as granola bars or nuts and keep a stash in your basket.

You'll probably wake up in the middle of the night starving...

You'll probably wake up in the middle of the night starving...

9.  A comfy chair, of course!

The most important component of the nursing station! A recliner, rocker or glider that you can comfortably position yourself in for breastfeeding and rocking the baby will help you look forward to the many nursing sessions ahead. It should be roomy enough for any pillows you need to support yourself and baby, and if you have short legs a footrest is really nice to have.


What have you learned about how to prepare for breastfeeding?

What else would you have in your ultimate breastfeeding station?