::Book Review:: Hypnobirthing: The Mongan Method, by Marie F. Mongan



I have had a copy of this book for quite a while, but there are so many books about birth to read, and so little time. I finally read this one to see what the Hypnobirthing stuff was all about! I have friends who have experienced positive results with the method, and I was excited to learn more.

The actual hypnobirthing portion of the book was extremely small. It's not a thin book, but it's almost wholly devoted to having a natural, healthy pregnancy and making a birth plan that is best suited to a successful unmedicated delivery. There is a lot of good, no-nonsense information in the book for those who are planning that type of birth. I thought the hypnosis information was very interesting and could see how it would really help, but I would want to delve deeper into it by taking the classes in order to test out its success in my own labor.

The book reads as one big advertisement for the Hypnobirthing classes. I'm sure the classes are a wonderful preparation for birth but I wanted more from the book. This would be a great introduction for any parents who are interested in the method and want to get a good overview to decide if it would be right for them.

The book is very geared toward preparing for a no-intervention, unmedicated birth, but I feel that the hypnosis techniques would be a great help to anyone planning to have an epidural or Cesarean as well. They could really help with all types of stress, tension, anxiety and pain throughout pregnancy, labor, birth and parenting.

I would love to see more parents giving this method a try – it looks amazing. You can get a copy of this book



Would you ever try hypnosis techniques in childbirth?

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