Why Would You Take Your Baby to the Chiropractor?

The benefits of chiropractic care for pregnant women are often lauded – it helps with pregnancy aches and pains, sleeping, and optimal fetal position. But did you know that there are a lot of reasons to bring along your baby for an adjustment? Dr. Rachel Viner, a prenatal and pediatric chiropractor in Wichita, Kansas, shared some of her knowledge with me today!

Is it safe? I know a lot of parents might be thinking “I don't know about somebody adjusting my tiny baby!”

Yes, absolutely! It is nothing like an adult adjustment. You don't thrust, you don't twist the baby or rotate the neck. The baby can lay on the mother's tummy, or the doctor can hold the baby. The technique is a pulse, or sustained hold. It's so gentle.

Why do you recommend chiropractic adjustments for babies?

I highly recommend infant adjustments to correct subluxations and misalignments due to the process of birth. During birth, the force that is applied to the head and neck to pull and rotate the baby to get the shoulders through the birthing canal puts stress on the neck. You may not necessarily see significant results from this type of handling at first, but down the road symptoms can show up. Chiropractic care helps the brain and spinal cord communicate without any interference! It is important to check infants after birth and through all the major milestones like lifting the head, crawling and walking. The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (


) is widely known for working with mothers and newborns and has done many studies on the results. Another reason to have babies checked is that when you are changing their diapers, you put their backs in a position that does not normally bend that way, and the repetitive motions over time can cause subluxations.



What are some signs parents can watch for to determine if their baby could benefit from chiropractic care?

Some of the most common signs in a baby are poor sleep, colic and reflux. Breastfeeding problems are also common in a baby who could benefit from chiropractic care, especially with the effects on the neck and shoulders from the birth process. The baby may generally seem uncomfortable - I know many different ways to check a baby for misalignment.

What kind of education and training do you have to have to work with babies and children?

To become a chiropractor, I had to earn a Bachelor's degree in science and human biology and a doctorate degree from a certification school. I had to take a 4-part test from the national boards of examiners as well as receive training in physical therapy. Any chiropractor can work with babies, but in order to specialize in caring for infants, I underwent a 2-year certification process which included seminars, hands-on training, testing and projects to learn how to properly adjust babies and what signs to look for.

Tell us a little about yourself!

I know the benefits of infant chiropractic care first-hand. When my daughter, who was born eight weeks premature, started receiving regular chiropractic care at six weeks, I could see that she was really progressing well and hitting all of her milestones on time. She's now 3 years old and still gets adjusted regularly. I'm originally from Wichita and just moved back, and I am excited to be specializing in pregnant women and infants! When I'm not at work, I love spending time with my daughter, and I'm a big soccer fan.



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Have you ever taken your baby to the chiropractor? What benefits did you see?

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