We Don't Kiss Beetles (and other crazy things that have come out of parents' mouths)



Some real gems have come out of my mouth since having children. Things I never could have imagined I would ever say. Since I have boys, they mainly have to do with licking things or climbing on things. I asked my readers to tell me the craziest thing they've ever found themselves saying to their kids and these are the best of the best.

1. "Don't sit on cats!" - Darcy S.

2. "The couch is not your Kleenex!" - Jenny K.

3. "We don't kiss beetles." - Darcy S.

4. "Butts are not for sitting on tables."

5. "I'm going to use the potty." - Rachel L.....to another adult

6. "If you're gonna pee in the yard, go do it on that tree." - Darcy S.

7. Do not lick the toilet!" - Elizabeth C.



9. "You can't ride the dog." - Stephanie M.

10. "Get out of the toilet!" - Casey H.

11. "Stop licking the TV!" - Darcy S.

12. "Don't lick the dog.

      "Don't lick your dad.

      "Don't lick the couch.

      "Don't lick the baby.

      "Really just licking anything." - Ashley T.



14. "No spiders in the house!" - Darcy S.

15. "It's okay that your wee-wee is standing up, just leave it alone and it will go back down." - Bree P.

16. "Why are you using your nose to play your tablet games?" - Stephanie M.

17. "You do not need to run your brother over with the wagon." - Amanda A.

18. "Why did you put your brother in the toy box and sit on the lid?" - Casey H.

19. "We do not put our penises on our phones."

What's the craziest thing you've ever said as a parent? Comment below and you could be included in Part 2!

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