Sara's Top 5 MUST-HAVES for Baby



So, I have minimalistic tendencies.

I hate having clutter in my house, I hate having tons of excess stuff everywhere that I don't use –

and that goes double for baby and kid equipment.

However, now that I've had two kids I have a short list of my favorite items that I could NOT have a baby without! This post will contain some Amazon affiliate links, but only for items

I have personally used and loved!

#5. The Boppy

There are always regular pillows, of course, but what I like about the Boppy is that it curves around my belly to support my baby all over, and it's so firm it doesn't require a lot of shifting around and fluffing up. I also like that you can get cute, washable zipper covers for it so that the actual pillow doesn't get gross with spit-up. Get you one!

Boppy Nursing Pillow and Positioner - Bare Naked

#4. Bamboobies



Bamboobies are the BEST. They are so soft and gentle, and eco-friendly. I love that I don't have to buy boxes and boxes of disposable nursing pads. Plus, they come in a cute heart shape. I'm a perpetual leaker, so having something comfortable, economical, and washable is perfect for me.

Bamboobies Super Soft Washable Nursing Pads - 3 Pair Ultra-Thin Regulars (Black, Hot Pink, Pale Pink) & 1 Pair Thick Overnight (Pale Pink)

#3. Glider rocker

I've talked a little before about

having a comfortable chair to feed or rock the baby in

- and a nice, cushiony glider rocker is marvelous. Comfy, quiet, looks beautiful in the nursery. I've read many a bedtime story and sung many a lullaby in mine and I'm so glad I invested in it!

#2. Motherlove Green Salve



You guys, I can (and do) use this for


. Sore nipples, rashes, toddler bumps and scratches, itches, dry skin, you name it. It's made with all natural herbal ingredients, so it's safe for both you and baby in a whole range of uses. I don't buy a lot of lotions and potions, but I actually have one of these in the bedroom and one in the medicine cabinet too!

Motherlove Green Salve, 1 oz

And my #1 favorite thing I never want to have a baby without?

I can't believe I only discovered these on my second child!

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets



These blankets are so lightweight, you are amazed at how large they are when you unfold them. They are soft as can be and so versatile - swaddle your newborn, lightly cover your warm-weather baby for comfort, protect baby from sun, wipe up dribbles. Plus, they come in an incredible variety of the most beautiful colors and patterns!

Aden + Anais 3 Count Muslin Swaddle, Moonlight

You won't find a ton of random baby gear in my house, but you will definitely see those five things!

What must-have item is at the top of your baby checklist?

Source: New feed