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Backache during labor is a pretty common occurrence. It can make the going pretty tough, and typical relaxation and breathing techniques don't always help alleviate it. However, there are some ways to get some relief.

Here are 5 doula tricks to help alleviate back pain while in labor!

5. Hot or cold packs

Using a hot or cold pack over the sore area can help soothe you and distract you from the pain. Try a microwaved rice sock, or a bag of frozen vegetables wrapped in a thin towel if you don't have a fancy hot/cold pack.

4. Water

A deep, warm bath is a good choice in general for discomfort during labor. You can also sit on a stool under a hot shower, directing the spray over the painful area.

3. Hip squeezes

Back pain during labor can sometimes be relieved by a simple hip squeezing technique. Your doula or partner can do this by standing behind you while you kneel or lean over, place their hands on your lower hips, and apply steady pressure during each contraction. Your partner can experiment through a couple of contractions to find the right spot that gives you some relief. Your doula can also use her


to achieve the same effect, by wrapping it around your lower hips and pulling to apply the pressure, or holding/pulling one end while your partner takes the other end. This is a great way to apply the effects of the hip squeeze without your partner's hands and arms becoming exhausted!

2. Counterpressure



Applying steady pressure to the affected area, especially during contractions, is a helpful technique to keep in mind. Some doulas use tennis balls, cold soda cans, rolling pins, or just their palms or fists to apply firm pressure.

1. Changing Positions

Backache in labor is commonly caused by the baby being in an unfavorable position, with the hard back of his or her head pressing against your sacrum. Moving around and changing positions during labor can encourage your baby to wiggle down and turn and take some of the pressure off of your back.

Hands and knees, lunges, side-lying, leaning forward over the bed or birthing ball, slow dancing and swaying your hips from side to side can all be helpful in achieving this effect.

Whatever you do, try to stay up and moving as much as possible rather than lying on your back!

Try some of these tips when you experience back pain during pregnancy and labor, and see if they give you any relief! Your doula has all these tricks and many more up her sleeve to help you enjoy your birth experience to the fullest.

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5 Ways to Relieve Back Pain During Labor

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