15 Kansas-Inspired Baby Names



Let's be real, choosing your baby's name is the real hardest part of this whole parenting thing.

Just kidding, but it can be a tough decision (did you ever realize there were so many people you didn't like?). Popular? Unique? Classic?

This list of Colorado-inspired names

spurred me to help you out a little.

Show off your true Kansas pride with one of these baby names!

1. Amelia

          Amelia Earhart is a familiar historical figure, but did you know that she was a Kansas native? She was born in Atchison, KS! Not to mention, Kansas is known for its airplane manufacturing and Wichita is the "Air Capital of the World".

2. Ashland

          Ashland is a small town in southwestern Kansas, founded in 1884. It's a great, solid name for either a boy or a girl!

3. Chisholm

          The Chisholm Trail, a historical cattle-driving road used by post-Civil War pioneers, goes right through Kansas and has a number of local landmarks named for it.

4. Colby

          Colby, Kansas, "The Oasis on the Plains", is a northwestern Kansas city of 5,387 people. Colby means "from a coal town" and is currently #428 in popularity for a boy, and just beginning to catch on for a girl!

5. Dorothy

          Hey, older names are coming back in style! Plus, once she's old enough to watch The Wizard of Oz, you can take her to visit the yellow brick road in Sedan, KS! Dorothy means "gift of God" and is currently #731 in popularity. You could nickname her Dottie, how cute would that be?

6. Flint

          Flint is such a cool, edgy, tough-sounding name! Some of the most gorgeous scenery Kansas has to offer is in The Flint Hills, in the eastern central part of the state. You've gotta see it, it's beautiful.

7. Kinsley

          Kinsley is a city in south central Kansas, and also a delightful baby name meaning "king's meadow"! It's currently the 132nd most popular name for girls.

8. Lakin

          Lakin, founded in 1874, is a western Kansas city and a beautiful unisex name. It's an alternate spelling of the name "Laken", which is from the nature-inspired "lake".

9. Lawrence

          A classic-sounding throwback name! Lawrence is a beautiful city full of history near the capitol; and the sixth-largest in Kansas.

10. Lenora

          A romantic and feminine-sounding name, Lenora is also a little northern KS town of just 250 people. It was named after a female pioneer settler and its motto is "The City that Does Things".

11. Maize

          Maize is not only a lovely little town in the Wichita metro area; it's also the Spanish name for the corn crops grown all over Kansas. It's a great boy's name, and many parents of little girls are using the cute variation Maizie.

12. Prairie

          Kansas is widely known for prairie scenery, and it is really beautiful. We even have the Tallgrass Reserve, which boasts the largest section of virgin prairie left in the United States. Prairie would make a beautiful name and really show some Kansas pride!

13. Riley

          This unisex name is definitely going strong right now, at #47 for girls and #173 for boys. It's a great name that means "courageous"! It's also the name of a northern Kansas city known for being home to Fort Riley.

14. Stormy

          Kansas is known for its exciting and powerful weather events: tornadoes, hail, blizzards, oh my! Show that you love Kansas no matter what the weather with this name that is popular for a girl and just starting to catch on for boys.

15. Summer

          Another strong and pretty name inspired by the beautiful weather and scenery of Kansas. Summer is definitely coming back into style at #182 in popularity as of 2014.

What do you think about these choices: love 'em or hate 'em?

Did you find the perfect name for your Kansas baby?


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