3 Things I Love About Kansas

Ahh, January 29.

That day when we (apparently) celebrate Kansas' inclusion in the United States.

I think we are supposed to sing “Home on the Range”,

while waving a sunflower back and forth from each hand...or something like that.

Lots of people joke about getting the heck out of Kansas, and we're all sick of the Wizard of Oz references, but

I actually love Kansas and I'm going to tell you why.



1. It's beautiful

I don't want to hear one more person complain that Kansas is ugly and there's no scenery.

They've obviously never seen the Flint Hills, which is one of the most breathtaking places I have seen. When I squint my eyes at it just right, I feel like I can just see a majestic lion roaming the plains.

And have you ever been out on the rolling prairie, sunflowers everywhere, while you look at the vast, blue sky for miles and miles? Hey, if a tornado is coming, I want to spot that sucker waaaay off in the distance, take some pics, and still have time to get in the basement.

    2. There's an actual yellow brick road

It's in Sedan, Kansas, and it's made up of 10,650 bricks that circle the downtown area.

There are a number of Oz-related museums and attractions all over Kansas, but there are so many other cool things to do as well.

Just right here in Wichita we have the

Sedgwick County Zoo

, the

Kansas Aviation Museum


Botanica: The Wichita Gardens

, and the Keeper of the Plains attraction.

There are so many museums and attractions it would be hard to visit every single one in a lifetime.

Date nights and kid outings are easy to plan.

      3. There's no place like home

I know, another lazy Oz reference, but it's true!

Kansas is where I've made my home.

It's where I've gotten married, had my babies, started my business, and gotten ingrained in a community of the most wonderful, caring, vibrant people I've ever met.

The good memories I associate with Kansas make it a beautiful place to me.



HAPPY KANSAS DAY! How will you celebrate?

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