Should You Make a Social Media Plan for Your Birth? | Wichita Doula



There's no doubt about it: social media is a big part of our everyday lives.

We use it to keep up with the news...

We use it to share tidbits of our lives with friends...

We use it to spread the word to our loved ones of significant life events...

Events like, say, having a baby


You've waited so long to be the one to make this announcement. You imagine the excited and happy reactions of your friends and relatives.

But what if someone else beat you to it, causing your phone to blow up with calls, texts, and notifications before you were ready to share your news?

If this sounds like something you want to avoid, you may want to think about making a social media plan for your birth. Here are some possible points to consider:

  • You can post a status or a simple graphic on your social media accounts, asking that your followers respect your desire to be the one to announce your child's birth.
  • You can tag your relatives in your status, or call/message them privately to let them know about your plan.
  • You can ask about being unlisted at the hospital when you register, so that the front desk cannot disclose to callers or visitors if you are a current patient.
  • Check the location settings on your phone and social media accounts to make sure none of your posts show you as "checked in" to the hospital or birth center.
  • Consider whether or not you will have a policy of allowing photos of your child to be posted on social media.

Your birth is a big deal. It's okay for you to be protective over it. You're not a diva if you want to restrict social media posts.

After all, with social media having such a large presence in our lives, we all need to be proactive in managing it so that we don't find it managing us instead!

(And if you are fine with others posting about your birth, that's okay too. What matters is that your wishes are respected, either way. Wichita Doula respects your online privacy and never announces your birth unless you request us to do so.)

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