Pregnant? 5 Tips for Surviving the Holidays!

The holiday season is upon us,

and that means a whirlwind – not just of fun and caroling and spiced cider, but sometimes stress as well – is about to sweep us along. Being pregnant during the holidays can pose an extra challenge as you navigate family gatherings, shopping, and all the other typical activities.

Here are five helpful tips to staying sane and healthy!



5. Protect your sleep

This one is especially important if you are traveling or putting up guests in your home. No matter which trimester you're in, getting enough rest helps keep many prenatal discomforts away. Don't worry about being the perfect guest or hostess –

it's perfectly fine to excuse yourself for a nap

or to go to bed early. Your health and comfort is important!

4. Stay hydrated

Traveling, spending a lot of time on your feet cooking and cleaning, and entertaining can make it hard to remember your H2O. I used to get a gallon jug, mark on it the number of ounces of water that was recommended for my pregnancy, and worked on that jug until it was empty at the end of the day. I also love these

fancy water recipes

– you can put them in a drink dispenser in the fridge and it will help you look forward to drinking your water!

3. Dress for your comfort

You're going to be eating lots and lots of food. It's okay to wear slippers and your maternity yoga pants under that fancy Christmas sweater.


2. Eat lots of small meals

Don't starve yourself all day waiting for the big meal! It's tempting to want to be able to fit in as much pie as possible, but you don't want to feel faint and lightheaded by afternoon.

Keep snacking on healthy, protein-packed options such as string cheese or nuts so you don't get sick and tired.

You might not be able to go back for seconds, but potatoes and gravy are just as good reheated later!

1. Shield yourself from scary stories!

Sometimes it seems like family get-togethers are the perfect times for your relatives to tell their birthing-related horror stories. Don't feel like you have to politely sit through them if they will keep you awake later. You can keep up your positivity and change the subject, or work out a code word with someone understanding to call you away from a traumatic tale or unwanted advice.

What's your strategy for a safe, sane holiday season?

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