I'm Not a Birth Junkie



There's a phrase you may have heard of that gets tossed around frequently in birthing circles, mom groups, and even among birth professionals: 

“I'm a birth junkie.”

It's a way of saying that you get a rush, or an oxytocin high, from being at births – usually played for laughs and virtual fistbumps (

Webster's definition

is a little less innocuous).

You'll never hear anyone from Wichita Doula saying this, and I'll tell you why...

Your birth isn't a spectator sport for me.

I'm not there just to get my kicks from watching a baby come out of you.

Your birth is one of the most intimate times of your life, and I'm there to support, not feed off of it.

I'm a professional, not a hobbyist.

I want to be very clear: I LOVE MY JOB!

I truly believe I have one of the most wonderful jobs in the world. If I didn't love and appreciate the miracle of birth, I wouldn't have become a doula.

I just want to elevate my communication to a truly professional standard. I'm not an addict or a junkie, I'm a professional support person. The terms I use to describe my profession can either cast a positive light or a negative one on not only myself, but all doulas. Your doctor or midwife wouldn't tell you they are a birth junkie, craving the “rush” of your delivery. If we want more mothers to be able to access doula care, we need to be viewed as competent and relevant service providers.

Wichita Doula's promise to you is

excellence and integrity:

supporting you with YOUR needs in mind, not ours. You are the star of the show.

You are safe with me.

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