::Book Review:: No Bad Kids: Toddler Discipline Without Shame by Janet Lansbury




When it comes to discipline, parents are faced with a deluge of disparate expert advice that can be perplexing, contradictory, and sometimes just plain impossible to follow. Should parents spank, bribe, reward, ignore, give consequences, or order a time-out? Does gentle discipline mean letting children rule the roost? Should parents use threats, distractions, games, charts, timers, count to three, or perfect "that look"? It's no wonder so many parents are confused, frustrated, and paralyzed. It's no wonder they find themselves losing their confidence, and often their tempers. It doesn't have to be that way.

" Janet Lansbury - foreword, No Bad Kids

If you're in the thick of the toddler years - or anticipating their arrival - discipline is a big topic. How can you respectfully discipline them and acknowledge their personhood without shaming or harsh punishments?

Janet Lansbury's blog

is one of my favorite resources when I need encouragement to thoughtfully lead my own strong-willed little one, so I was really excited when she published this book of her best advice for parents of toddlers.

No Bad Kids isn't a permissive parenting book, and it doesn't just say, "don't spank your kids, put them in time-out instead." It teaches a new outlook toward your children as whole people with dignity who are deserving of our respect and loving guidance - no bribes, distractions, or threats needed. Rather than lists of "don't do this, do that", the book provides many real-life examples of cooperating with children by acknowledging and allowing their emotions, and setting the firm boundaries that they so desperately need and want from the adults in their lives.

As a busy mom I loved that each chapter in this book was a short essay - perfect for reading a chapter while nursing, before bed, or out loud for my busy husband's benefit. When I make a conscious effort to put the advice from this book into practical application, I definitely notice my relationship with my little one being a lot more comfortable. I highly recommend this book if you have young children.

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