Top 5 Best Birth Books I Read in 2014



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I've always been a big fan of reading, so as a doula, naturally a good portion of the 70 books I read in 2014 were related to birth in some way! From technical labor progress manuals to midwife biographies to beach-read fiction, I was able to sample quite a range this year.

There were a couple of definite duds, but plenty of standouts made up for them – it was hard to narrow down a list!

These are my top 5 favorite birth books I read this year.




The Cesarean Myth

by Mortimer Rosen, M.D., and Lillian Thomas

Even though this book was written in 1989, I was amazed at how much of it was totally relevant and could have been written today – although unfortunately that does speak to change in our maternity care system coming about awfully slowly. The Cesarean Myth is a really informative, easy to read explanation of the rise in Cesarean rates. It talks about the real benefits and risks in various situations, how parents can prepare and self-educate to avoid the primary Cesarean, and of course busts all the big myths about C-sections and VBAC.




Natural Birth for the Mainstream Mama

by Lauren Rauseo

This recent 2014 release is a quick, girlfriend-style crash-course read with a goofy sense of humor. While it didn't bring anything new to the table for me personally, I appreciated that it could be an awesome introduction for some parents who are just beginning to consider having a natural birth and are interested in learning about the common interventions given in hospitals, but maybe aren't quite into going the whole way into a home birth setting. Keeping this in my lending library for those who would really appreciate what it has to offer!




Pregnancy, Childbirth & the Newborn, 4th Edition

, by Simkin, Whalley, Keppler, Durham & Bolding

I found this to be a very good and comprehensive everything-pregnancy book. It contained a lot of solid information on all things pregnancy, birth and baby and I felt like it was much more empowering and woman-centered than a lot of other books like What to Expect and their ilk. Definitely keeping a copy of this on my shelf!




The Labor Progress Handbook, 3rd Edition

by Penny Simkin and Ruth Ancheta

This has been one of, if not the most valuable book I have ever invested time into as a doula. Packed with descriptions and illustrations of what is and is not normal in the progression of labor and what both doulas and medical professionals can do in each situation, I think a copy belongs in every birth worker's library. Personally, I keep my copy in my birth bag! Plus, as a mom, it gave me such a great understanding of what's really going on with my body and my baby during the process of birth.




Call the Midwife: a Memoir of Birth, Joy and Hard Times

by Jennifer Worth

This is a little different of a book than the others on this list, but it touched me deeply! I'm a fan of the television series, so being able to immerse myself even more into the story was wonderful. It's even more gritty than the show, and at times can be difficult to read due to its tough themes, but it was so worth it to me. I can't wait to continue reading more about the adventures of the Nonnatus midwives.

I'm looking forward to even more great birth-related reads in 2015!

What was your favorite birth book of 2014? What's on your to-read list for 2015?

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