The End of Mom-Isolation: An Important Facet of Postpartum Doula Care



Emotional support and the end of mom-isolation: an important facet of postpartum doula care! My topic for the second day of

World Doula Week.

Having a new baby is a challenge, whether it's your first or your fifth. The milky, gummy smiles, the sweet-smelling spot on the top of their head, and their little hand curled around your finger are precious rewards,

but there are also sleepless nights, worries, and loneliness.

After a little while, the casseroles stop showing up, the relatives go home, and your spouse goes back to work. It's a complicated process of car seats and diaper bags to go out, so you mostly sit at home with the baby.

Parenting shouldn't have to feel like solitary confinement, but sometimes it does.

That's the perfect time for your postpartum doula to step in. We perform a lot of tasks for our clients, and make their postpartum lives easier and happier in many ways, but today I want to talk about just one really important and perhaps sometimes overlooked part of our job:

Being There.

The value of emotional support in the time after giving birth can't be understated, when you think about our cultural lack of practical help for new parents and their high rates of postpartum depression and anxiety. Especially when it comes from someone who truly wants to listen to you and connect with you. Someone who validates your feelings and never passes judgment on you. Someone to take seriously all of your questions and just focus on

you and your needs

for a while.

It feels good. It feels refreshing. It gives you the strength to get back in there and parent feeling renewed.

Every parent needs to have some regular interaction with another adult to help avoid those drained, overwhelmed feelings.

A professional postpartum doula is skilled in connecting and listening, and combined with expert knowledge of both infants and the emotional and physical needs of postpartum parents, your doula may quickly become your best friend!

So don't resign yourself to Mom Isolation.

Make a professional doula a part of your postpartum plan!

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