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"Born to Deliver" by Kathy Brace, with Natalie Wickham

“The long hallway gave way to cold, sterile walls as Kathy was ushered into a room that would forever change her life – The Green Room. It held the first of many secrets to come, but she wasn't about to let anything get in the way of her quest for happiness. With steely determination, Kathy's elusive dream led to a string a boyfriends, unwanted pregnancies, and failed relationships. Little did she know that while she was weaving her own web of deceptions and destructive choices, God was writing the plot of an even bigger mystery that was about to be revealed in a way she never could have imagined.”

Born to Deliver, by Kathy Brace (with Natalie Wickham) is a book about a woman's amazing journey, through some of the toughest things life can throw at you, to discovering her true calling as a midwife. This book details her life, from the 1960s where the stigma of teen pregnancy found her abandoned hundreds of miles from home and neglected in labor, to adulthood where she faced divorce and a traumatic accident, to financial struggles within her fledgling midwifery career. But through it all, she receives little miracles from God reminding her that he will never forsake her.

We are so lucky to have a midwife in Wichita like Kathy, and reading her book helped me connect to her even more by the time she assisted in my second birth. She is a tough lady but so kind, and as you let her story unfold it is obvious to see how midwifery was really meant to be a part of her life. The book has a beautifully designed cover, and Natalie Wickham's creative writing skills allow Kathy's story to grab you and make sure you can't stop reading until the last page has been turned.

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