10 Things to Do When You're 40+ Weeks Pregnant in Wichita, Kansas

As most moms know, once you get to the end of your pregnancy you start feeling like the days are years long! You want to be patient and wait for baby to choose his or her own birthday, as long as you're both healthy, but what can you do to pass the time and take your mind off those swollen ankles? A

doula friend in Florida

inspired me to write this list of 10 things to do when you're 40+ weeks pregnant in Wichita, Kansas.



10. Grab a delicious healthy lunch at

Tanya's Soup Kitchen

Okay, I've eaten at TSK multiple times and I have never tried anything that wasn't OUTSTANDING. You're eating for two and want to make sure you're getting proper nourishment, but you also want to have an enjoyable afternoon! TSK is open for lunch and makes fresh batches of a couple different soups each day. This is a vegetarian/vegan/gluten-free-friendly place. Their sandwiches are delightful and the potato salad is to die for. You can get your meal to go, but you might prefer to grab a friend and enjoy it under the outdoor patio!

9. Get a prenatal chiropractic adjustment

What, you haven't been getting regular adjustments since you got pregnant? Well, it's never too late. Not only can a visit to a gentle, skilled prenatal chiropractor help you with your pregnancy-related back, neck and hip pain, it can also encourage your baby to get into the optimal position for labor and birth and stay there. A chiropractor trained in the Webster technique can also be beneficial in encouraging a breech baby to turn over.

Dr. Ashley Thompson

is a prenatal chiropractor in Wichita who loves working with pregnant ladies and kids!



8. Enjoy the beauty of nature at

Botanica: The Wichita Gardens

This is such a gorgeous, serene place you will be shocked that it's tucked into the downtown area. Tulip Time in the spring is breathtaking, but you can still enjoy Botanica year-round with the winding walking paths, children's activities and amazing Christmas light displays. This is a great place for you to enjoy getting some fresh air and light exercise for your pregnancy health.



7. Indulge yourself a little

Hey, you've earned it! What's your vice, coffee or sugar? At

Churn & Burn

you can get both, with their self-titled coffee/ice cream treat that has quickly become a local favorite. This shop, conveniently located right off East Kellogg, makes your treats fresh right in front of you amidst the quirky Joyland memorabilia décor.

6. Register for eco-friendly baby gear

If you're even thinking about cloth diapering, babywearing and the like, you've probably heard about

Sweet Cheeks

, our only natural parenting and cloth diapering boutique in town. Even if you'd rather not do cloth diapers, you can still register at the store for all kinds of great items like natural baby and mama care products, locally made gear, nursing bras and much more.

5. Attend a La Leche League meeting

La Leche League International is a name synonymous with great mother-to-mother breastfeeding support. It's really important to

learn as much as you can and line up a support system to prepare for breastfeeding

after you have your baby, so attending one of the several

La Leche League meetings in Wichita

is a wonderful way to make connections, meet other moms and get your questions answered.



4. Browse the Farmer's Markets

Wichita farmer's markets run throughout most of the year in several different locations. These can be great opportunities for you to get out of the house, get some fresh air and exercise, and take home some delicious local produce and baked goods. At some locations you can also see goods from local craftspeople and enjoy other seasonal events going on.

This list

provides all the dates and times for farmer's markets in Wichita this year.


. Visit the local Babywearing International chapter


Babywearing International chapter in Wichita

is a great resource for moms who are interested in learning all about babywearing, from safety to the variety of carrier choices. Parents can get extra benefits by becoming members or just join in when they can. It's never too late to learn about all of your options!

2. Take a gentle, strengthening yoga class

A prenatal yoga class is

a great way to help prepare your mind and body for giving birth.

Even if you haven't been enrolled in a class for the duration of your pregnancy, taking one now as you're waiting to go into labor can help you relax, focus and take your mind off the cares of the day. You'll learn mindfulness techniques and send loving energy to your baby at

Sunshine Family Yoga

, a prenatal yoga center in Wichita.



1. Enjoy the local parks

There are a lot of lovely, clean parks in Wichita, tucked into all areas of the city. Riverside Park is one of my favorites – you can enjoy walking around the duck ponds, viewing the mini “zoo” of native Kansas animals, cooling off in the water fountains, or strolling across the bridge to visit the Keeper of the Plains. Nearly all of the parks have something unique to look at, or at least some clean paths where you can enjoy nature while getting your exercise.

Some days it's really hard to get dressed, get out of the house and keep yourself occupied, but you'll feel so much better when you do! What else would you suggest to pass the time while waiting to meet your baby?

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