Postpartum Care Pricing & Packages

Thank you for inquiring about our postpartum care packages. You’re only a couple steps away from enjoying a more peaceful and restful day and/or night with your new baby!

The base rate is $29 per hour - we recommend purchasing a package as you receive a special bulk rate and you will get so much more benefit from ongoing care!

The minimum daytime shift is 4 hours. The minimum overnight shift is 10 hours.

Postpartum Care Packages

DIAMOND PACKAGE: 500 hours at $26/hr. 50 night shifts, or enough daytime shifts to last you a few blissful months. Purchase now for $13000

GOLD PACKAGE: 250 hours at $27/hr. 25 night shifts, or enough daytime shifts to last you a few weeks to a few months. Purchase now for $6750

BRONZE PACKAGE: 100 hours at $28/hr. 10 night shifts, or enough daytime shifts for the first few weeks. Purchase now for $2800

TRY IT OUT: 20 hours at $29/hr. See the benefits firsthand with two night shifts, or a few daytime shifts to get you started. Purchase now for $580

I JUST NEED A BREAK TONIGHT! One 10-hour night shift to help you catch up on sleep occasionally. Purchase now for $290


Don’t see what you need? We can customize a package for you, no matter how large or small. We book up, so if you are still pregnant, snag your spot ahead of time with a deposit!

Checks, credit card, Paypal, and HSA/Flex accepted. Have questions? Contact us. Want to set up a consultation first? Click here.