Belly Casting in Wichita

If you are looking for a professional belly cast in Wichita, Kansas, you have come to the right place. Your beautiful, one-of-a-kind belly cast is a wonderful way to preserve the memory of your pregnancy forever. Show your children someday where they used to live before they were born, decorate the nursery uniquely, or enjoy a cute photo op with your newborn! A belly casting appointment takes approximately 1-2 hours and can be a fun baby shower activity, a meaningful mother blessing ceremony element, or a private family time. Wichita Doula provides all materials and supplies needed to create a unique plaster mold of your pregnant belly and puts many hours of TLC into smoothing, sanding and painting the cast to your specifications. Each cast can be designed to appear as simple or intricate as you desire.


All artwork is 100% uniquely created by Wichita Doula and may not be copied.

Bengkung Belly Binding in Wichita


All over the world, in places like Mexico, Taiwan, Malaysia, Tibet, and many other cultures, there are longstanding traditions of caring for postpartum mothers and focusing on practices that enhance their rest and recovery. One of these traditions is Bengkung Belly Binding, and now you can enjoy it too, here in Wichita, Kansas.

What is it?

If you have ever given birth, you are familiar with the “loose” sensation in your abdomen in the first several days as the uterus attempts to shrink back to normal and the skin and muscles are no longer stretched taut over your baby. Bengkung Belly Binding is the best protection against this discomfort, and will make you feel secure, stable and able to sit upright with correct posture. It is done by wrapping your abdomen, from ribcage to hips, with a very long section of soft, sturdy muslin. It is extremely supportive and feels fantastic!


Bengkung Belly Binding also assists in supporting the pelvis and ligaments, and providing lower back support. Belly binding is a great way to help you achieve the stability and posture needed to perform the necessary exercises that will strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles and heal from diastasis recti.

Our Process

Your Wichita Bengkung Belly Binding specialist will provide you with a 1-hour appointment in the comfort and privacy of your home. She will wrap you with your own bind to keep as our gift to you, teach you how to care for it, and show you how to put it on yourself so that you can experience the benefits for as long as you like. You'll also be able to ask her for any answers or referrals needed for your or your baby's care. Schedule your Wichita belly binding service today - your specialist will be ready and waiting to visit you after your baby is born!